Take Your Talented High School Jazz Band On An Ambassador Ensemble Music Performance Tour

If you are a new high school band teacher and have been able to put together a talented jazz band this school year, you may be interested in forming an ambassador ensemble to travel and perform. While this may seem like a daunting task for anyone to accomplish, it's rather easy when you use a travel agency that specializes in developing customized music performance tours. With this type of service, your jazz band will have a tour manager dedicated to providing you with everything you and your students need to travel and perform. Here are a few things they take care of for you. 

A Full Schedule of Events in the City of Your Choice

The tour manager will help you make a selection out of the cities available for your tour. New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, is a wonderful city to take your students on a tour. They will be performing at different events and have the opportunity to participate in workshops and experience a professional jazz band performing for entertainment. Depending on the length of your stay, your students may be able to experience several performances both as performers and as the audience. 

All Travel & Accommodations Are Arranged for You

Getting the students and chaperones to and from the city of your choice, as well as booking hotel accommodations and scheduling meals and other transportation, is all handled by the tour manager. Depending on the distance, this may include air travel as well. Be sure to give the tour manager a list of specific needs that some of your students may have so he or she will be able to make the appropriate arrangements, such as if a student needs accommodations for wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, hotel security can be provided, as well, as a safety measure for your students while they are away from home. 

Individual Billing for Students to Make Fundraising Easier

Billing can be done as individually, which can help make fundraising easier and more fun for your students. Consider giving awards to the ones who raise more funds. Additionally or alternatively, ask local merchants to sponsor a portion of the trip to reduce the cost per student. To thank them for their sponsorship, consider having your jazz band perform for the merchant. Then, your tour manager can also book those local events as well to help promote your jazz band and support your students.

Contact a company like Peak Performance Tours to start planning your trip.

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