4 Things to Know About Whale Watching Tours

There is no denying that whales are one of the most extraordinary creates on earth. Even though whales are physically huge, the ocean itself is so much larger; it can be a challenge to find a while across the vast expanse of the ocean. If you want to see a whale, one of the best ways to achieve that goal is by going on a whale watching tour. If you are near the Pacific Ocean and you have an opportunity to go on a whale watching tour, don't miss the chance to see these magnificent creatures.

#1: Various Species of Whale Reside in the Pacific Ocean

If you go whale watching in the Pacific Ocean, be prepared to see a wide variety of different whale species. You are most likely to see minke whales and humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean. You are also likely to see two different varieties of orcas, local resident orcas, and roaming transient orcas. Your guide will likely be able to inform you of which whales or orcas you can expect to see. 

#2: Other Sea life is Abundant

When you go on a whale watching tour, you are not just going to see whales; you'll likely see other types of sea life such as harbor porpoise, Dall's porpoise, harbor seals, sea lions, tufted puffins, and even bald eagles. There are lots of types of life that are thriving in the water of the deep blue Pacific Ocean, and flying overhead, that you can see when you are out on a whale watching tour.

#3: Go Outside on the Ship

If you want to see the whales when you go on a whale watching tour, don't stay inside the ship the entire time! Get out on the deck of the ship where you are going to have the best view. The Pacific Ocean can be cold, so be sure to dress warm and bring a windbreaker to keep you dry from the ocean spray that you will encounter when out on the deck.

#4: Getting a Picture

Although it is possible to get a picture, don't make this the focus of the experience, as you can miss out on a lot of the fun of the experience when you are focused on getting a picture. If you want a picture, focus your camera on the last spot you saw the whales and try to snap a picture when they come back up. The whales are generally going to be some distance away, so a nice camera with an extendable zoom lens (not the camera on your phone) is your best bet for getting a good picture.

If you want to see some whales, you need to get out on the water. Contact a whale watching tour service to learn more. 

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