Your First Time Renting a Charter Bus

Most people do not rent a charter bus on a regular basis. You might be well into your adult years before this is something you are called upon to do, and so it is not unusual for you to feel a little unsure of yourself throughout the process. Renting a charter bus does not have to be intimidating or difficult once you know the basics, which you can discover below.

How long of a trip can you take on a charter bus?

Every company is different, but most will let you charter a bus to take you as far as you need to go — within the country, of course. If the journey is longer than a single driver can take you, the company will send two or more drivers so they can take turns throughout the journey. That being said, you can also rent a charter bus to take you just one to two hours away if that's all you need.

Where will the driver stay at night?

If you are taking a trip that lasts multiple days, it is conventional for you to book a room for the driver at the hotel you are staying at. Some hotels offer free rooms for drivers if you are traveling with a large group and already paying for several rooms. If you have multiple drivers, though, you will need to rent a room for each one.

What can you bring on the bus?

Most companies do not have a lot of restrictions as to what you can bring on-board, but it is typical for firearms and alcohol to be prohibited. You can usually bring your own snacks, drinks, books, games, and other forms of entertainment without any concern. Pets are not usually allowed, although there are some companies that will make exceptions. Service animals are typically permitted.

Do all charter buses have bathrooms?

If you are only chartering a bus for 1–2 hours with a small group, then you may be offered a smaller bus without a bathroom for a lower rate. For longer trips, though, charter buses almost always have bathrooms onboard. And you can request a bus with a bathroom for a shorter trip, too, if you feel you need it.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of charter buses and what is involved with renting one. To learn more, contact companies like Werner Coach and ask them to walk you through the process. 

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