Could an Extended Stay Hotel Help You Save Money on Your Next Vacation?

Travelers often overlook the money-saving benefits of extended stay hotels simply because they are not planning an extended trip. However, while these hotels were originally designed to provide some extra comforts of home to travelers who would be away for an extended period of time, the fact is that these same amenities often have the ability to save you money even when planning a short vacation. Continue reading to learn more about these amenities and how they may be able to save you some cash on your next vacation.  

Larger Rooms 

Renting a single hotel room can account for a large portion of your overall traveling expenses. However, this expense will quickly become even larger if you are forced to rent multiple rooms in order to accommodate all of the travelers in your party. In many cases, you may be able to avoid taking on this extra expense by choosing to book a room at an extended stay hotel. This is because many extended stay hotels offer rooms that are significantly larger than a standard hotel room. This will allow you to house your entire party in a single room or suite rather than renting multiple rooms at the same hotel. 

Cooking Facilities

Enjoying some local cuisine can be a fun way to spend a portion of your vacation. However, eating every meal out while you are away from home can wreak havoc on both your digestive system and your wallet. Extended stay hotels can help you to save money on your dining costs by allowing you to prepare home-cooked meals even while you are away from home. This is made possible by the inclusion of kitchens or kitchenettes in most extended stay hotel rooms. 

In addition to saving you money, this particular feature can also be quite beneficial for individuals who are traveling with picky eaters. For this reason, extended stay hotels are particularly beneficial for families who are traveling with young children. 

A Final Thought

While you are sure to have several different options to choose from when selecting a hotel for your next vacation, choosing to narrow your choices to extended-stay hotels can have a positive impact on both your budget and your overall vacation experience. After all, the more money you are able to save on things such as hotel reservations and dining expenses, the more money you will have available to enjoy all of the fun attractions in the city you have chosen to visit. 

If you have questions about hotels or vacation planning, be sure to reach out to a professional to help. 

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