Newbie Tips For Drinking Bourbon

Bourbon is a drink with deep roots and a rich history. If you are planning to visit Kentucky for a personal bourbon tour, you may be thinking about preparing for your first experience with this kind of alcohol. There is a lot to know about bourbon, so it is easy to become intimidated by the alcohol.

Here's what you should know as a newbie to bourbon. These tips will help you enjoy your bourbon.

Bourbon Is a Whiskey, but It's a Little More Complicated

Bourbon actually has a lot of regulations. In fact, all bourbon sold in the United States must also be made in the United States. It must also contain a majority of corn in its grain. There are further rules regarding how the alcohol is stored and how much alcohol it contains.

While bourbon does not have to be made in Kentucky, most of it is. This is why so many bourbon tours are set in Kentucky.

Bourbon Offers a Variety of Flavor Options

Bourbon can have a variety of different flavor profiles. Some bourbons taste a lot like grain, whereas others might be spicy or nutty. Some bourbons taste more like caramel while others taste like cinnamon.

Tasting Bourbon Is Simple

When you taste bourbon, the first thing you want to do is lightly swirl it and smell it. You can examine the appearance of the bourbon before you taste it. A small sip will do, allowing you to roll just a bit of the liquid over your tongue before you swallow.

You'll find a few different ways to drink bourbon. Some people add just a little bit of water, whereas others like to drink whiskey with ice, or "on the rocks," as it is called. Of course, many people prefer bourbon with nothing else in it, which is called "neat." Most tastings will offer neat bourbon.

Of course, there are also many bourbon cocktails to enjoy. The mint julep is one of the most popular, and it's perfect for a summer day. The bourbon sour and hot toddy are great options to get your bourbon fix, but bourbon also goes great with coffee.

Try a Bourbon Tour to Really Experience This Drink

A bourbon tour will provide the perfect opportunity to allow you to experience the drink in its best forms. You will find that there are many different ways to enjoy bourbon, and a tour will introduce you to many options.

Contact a company that offers bourbon tours to learn more. 

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